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← More rubbish about "shrill" atheists - this time in The Daily Mail

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Ahh...this is some of that there 'fistikated feelology'

The type that 'Catweazle called for in order to take on those pesky atheists, a while back!

They are however hampered by the unfortunate fact that they only got vague 'basking in a presence of the question mark' sort of 'feelology' So plan B is attack the shrillness that all atheists apparently have by tradition. Distract the brain dead by claiming that somehow all atheists follow shrill orators and that in itself proves the theologian somehow mysteriously is correct.

Note...staying well away from the meat of the supposed 'shrill atheists' argument. Best to not engage with the trickier aspects of the Jeebus-R-Uz rhetoric...cos lies and dishonesty are difficult to keep under wraps indefinitely when analytical debate is shone upon their grubby little claims. Cos that is 'not wot fistikated feelology' is all about after all.

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