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The religious zealots have adopted a very clever tactic, namely branding anyone who speaks out against religion as "strident", "shrill"or "angry" in attempt to plant the idea that atheists are persecuting them. The problem for them is that religion has had a free ride until recent years and any questioning of their superstitions is therefore seen as aggressive when in fact it is no more so than in any democratic debate. I for one do not intend to hold back because this is precisely what they want.

Quite accurate and not at all surprising. This is now a game of tactics for theists; attempting to maintain the position that makes them appear the most sympathetic and the least judgmental (don't snicker too loudly) to the world at large in a vain attempt to seem both reasonable and credible on matters they often know nothing about.

They lose credibility with every discovery that cast doubt and downright error on their beliefs and faith and refuse to relent even when they cannot give credible reason why we should accept their viewpoint. The idea of making the opponent appear either disreputable or sympathetic is a political tactic older than the religion using it.

Nothing new to see here folks, just more theistic madness.

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