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Comment 27 by Steve Zara

I'd really love for someone to actually describe how God is to be found outside of empirical science.

But Steve that is what their much vaunted 'fistikated feelology' is all about, in fact precisely that task and no is to cover ecclesiastical arse by 'suggesting' through convoluted and arrogant lexicon that doG is indeed not to be found within the confines of a discipline that actually requires evidence...that is the line they must take...there is no other. They must avoid is to...urrrm!...real!

They would prefer a shorter version of 'fistikated feelology' being...'You don't feel the question mark you obviously have not asked the right question' ...but they suffer from the confines of English idiom in that it ain't!

This vicar is obviously peddling the 'scientism' meme...which is the theists latest, bestest and brand new word that neatly encapsulates annoying and scary rationality in a package that can be herded and bandied in front of the brain dead so that it may be hissed at...booed ...poked with sharp sticks...and spat on!

'Scientism' is a dirty nasty little word of theist invention....bit like 'kinds' found in cretinist brain fart.

It is so funny that theist feels so moved to invent bogey-men in words. But their actual arguments for doG are so banal mediocre and fatuous they must try and undermine the earthly enemy by denigrating science and the scientific approach...of course when that falls flat they can always revert to character assassination and ferment rumours of atheist revolt....tis old tactics for an old scam.

But we see them lurking behind that particular tree...and they have never looked so nude & rude in their intellectual bankruptcy.

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