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As usual, the vast majority of posts here, agree with the vast majority of climate scientists. But it's not so over at the Daily Mail. By the time I saw this article, the Mail were no longer accepting comments.

Is it possible that this forum could have an open page for members to post alerts of AGW denial or anti-atheist stories as soon as they hear of them? Then those of us who like an argument could get stuck into Daily Mail readers, or their ilk, on the day, while the thread is still being read.

Of course, I could simply read the Daily Mail every day. But I'd much rather not. I don't have much to be proud of in my life at the moment: not being a Daily Mail reader is something that I need to cling on to. But if my suggestion were taken up, you could put me down for reading the rag on the first Wednesday of the month.

Wed, 01 Feb 2012 04:57:30 UTC | #913323