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There is idealism, such as a world where there is no need to distinguish people by their race, sex, sexual orientation, etc, and there is reality. We have to work within reality, not our own notion of an idealistic world. The reality is that the black community is highly religious and that perhaps black atheists do find themselves very isolated and afraid of rejection from their community. I am reminded of a debate at a black college about the existence god. One young black female asked if the concept of atheism was a white mindset being imposed on black people. When we see ads that say 'people', we read it as 'white people'.

This kind of thing also reminds me of when anti gay bullying efforts were being made in schools and parents complained about specifying the 'gay' - what about other kinds of bullying, like those targeting overweight people, etc? If we just said 'don't discriminate, be nice to people', we think 'straight people'. It's important to target the specific issues.

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