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Isn't the heart of the problem the unsufferable hypocrasy in the bible (and no doubt the koran too) where the Ten Commandments say you shall not kill but the bible then goes on to give numerous examples of where you must indeed kill including gays, followers of other religions and even people who work on the sabbath?

Here's a list of where the bible says it's perfectly fine to murder people, in fact it's required.

It's a pretty long list.

The Xians who believe in this tripe have the nerve to call him a "loving god" when he's no more than a petty vindictive tyrant, bereft of moral values and deserving of utter condemnation rather than worship. I can't imagine having to spend ones life in fear of this murderous being and what he might do to you after you die if you don't utterly kowtow to his every whim.

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