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I was shocked to learn, on the final 10 mins of BBC; Paxmans Newsnight (1st Feb), about charities which are providing India with resources for the poor, which are then somehow sold and reinvested in UK property by corrupt officials. An example given was of 8000 televisions, bought and sent, to the same number of Indian schools. Seemingly this is an excellent way of getting much needed information to the massive populations hungry for an education. It turned out most of the schools did not have electricity, so whoever requested this assistance knew in advance - endemic corruption absent regulation. Also the TVs disappeared! And the discourse then swayed into India having switched from British jets to French ones and whether governments use charitable organisations hard earned contributions as negotiating leverage to buffer still larger financial dealings - in effect the big deals are by the big money players whose agenda only ever seriously concerns itself with mass inequalities as extra bargaining chips to play when the stakes are high. Ethics hardly warrant consideration in the main. Economy rules. Big rewards for the high earners and wealthy shareholders dominate events. Where are our priorities???

Major global issue: If a charity struggles to get a material product to source, due power wielding an axe of greed in behalf of elite minorities, how much greater a task is it to deliver the people a healthy and fair education absent the delusions history has repeatedly shafted them with? And then what? Must they rationalise over being oppressed indefinitely, due their position of poverty, or delude themselves an improved afterlife awaits their servile existence? Yet another exploitation - of peoples lives by the powerful.

Just as medicine is too costly, so placebo is marketed. Just as the rich get their reward, so too bonuses are marketed. It's what the doctor ordered - the rich , whose skills so outweigh the poor's, NEED further rewards whilst those denied even the basics must beg outside agency. How wonderful to have such intellectually hedonistic role models telling them all about next life investment packages.

One begins to see how the world puts the billions out to graze upon delusions, quite deliberately and fenced in!

One begins to see the majority of the wealthy, greedy and cunning as the most perverse people on planet Earth.

One begins to wonder at the absence of transparency in the corridors of wealth and power.

Ones wonder is a lasting impression upon the self, and whether anyone else is better qualified.

Honesty, reason and trust are the best holders of money and the power to deliver.

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