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Comment 49 by Cartomancer :

So all 60,000+ of those people who identify with islam in The Hague believe exactly the same thing on this issue now? None of them holds a dissenting opinion? None of them likes dogs, and thinks they're fine, and wishes the ones who don't like dogs would get a grip and stop being such childish fools?

I really wish people would stop saying "you belong to group x, therefore you believe y"...

The problem is, Muslims self-identify as Muslims, and elect to be represented by their imams, mullahs, etc. I really wish people would stop identifying themselves as parts of groups. There is no more domineering faith than Islam in all the history of the world. If there really were such individuals who had dissenting views--then let them speak up! They are in a free country.

To say that you are a Muslim--or a Christian, or a Buddhist--is to say "I belong to group X, therefore I believe Y." That is what they're saying, even if in practice they don't mean it. I'm certain that there are a certain proportion of all theistic groups which want to dissent and don't. Why? Lots of reasons. But the point is, they are in a free nation and dissent is an option.

Why isn't it taken more frequently?

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