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Reading these comments, I'm now starting to wonder if advocating for 'racial' and gender blindness is a position mostly taken by the privileged (not necessarily but mostly white, male). Racially segregated communities exist, and for a lot of people of racial minorities, it is where they get their values. When I said 'we' in 'we see white people' comment in regards to when there is a generalized 'people', I meant we = minorities. Because the truth is, most ads are targeted to the white, middle class male. We (I) am conditioned to expect ads to target the white, middle class male. What black youths are taught from their communities is that they are living in a 'white man's world' and so yes, specifically targeted ads ARE important to reach out to the people in black communities.

Fri, 03 Feb 2012 04:08:54 UTC | #914139