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One problem with this map is that they are rating any state that delegates school curriculum to the local levels as automatically an "F", without regard to what actually tends to get taught in the local schools operating in that state with their city-mandated curricula instead of state-mandated ones. In other words, it's like assuming that if there's no state law for something then it must be legal, utterly ignoring that there can be county, city, and town laws too.

So states that require people to be taught bullshit score higher on this map than states that let the local schools go their own way. The makers of the map are operating on the philosophy that even the absolute worst state standard, no matter how bad, is automatically better than the best local standard, even when the state standard is a bad one like mandating that creationism be taught as equal to evolution.

Some of those "F" "grey" states on the map actually have better science standards in their schools than some of the "C" and "D" states, but those better standards come from the local school districts instead of centrally controlled from the state, and so this survey ignores them.

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