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This is all to the good. However, one only has to trawl the outer limits of digital television to hear similar claims to magical healing powers - and worse - all the time. There are currently well over two dozen "God" channels available to the viewer of British television, most of which seem to me to serve no other purpose than naked and shameless begging. (Why the all-seeing, all-knowing creator of the universe feels the need to advertise himself in this tawdry manner is beyond me, but that's by the by.) The bouffant-haired babblers and silver-tongued swindlers of this morally squalid milieu think nothing of claiming credit for "miracle" cures of everything from cancer to blindness. "Preachers" like Benny Hinn, Peter Popoff, and Don Stewart, consistently and brazenly tout their prowess to bring about medical marvels, which, it is implied though never plainly stated, can be yours for a nominal, conveniently tax-free fee. Make a "love gift", receive your "prayer hankie", and God will cure you of your ills. Making medical claims in this manner without training or license ought, in my view, to be a matter for the courts.

Why is nothing done about this?

Sat, 04 Feb 2012 11:27:58 UTC | #914483