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At the end of last year I met a large proportion of my birth father's family. Because my protests against religion are a significant drive of my personality, I was keen to make declare my atheism in the most neutral tone. I anticipated that, as they all live in an historic and small UK cathedral city, most would be discomforted by my atheism so an early declaration was the most honest approach.

Each of them said they agreed with me.

My late wife used to fear for my welfare when I started wearing Atheist Bus Campagne badges. In the years I've worn them and challenged street preachers there have been less than a hand full of disagreements or challenges.

I love the UK, have no desire to travel off he shores, but if I visited the US it would be to experience the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park and gain an insight into the incredible stupidity, bigotry and false testament of southern religious culture. Surely there are great lessons in all these things, of which only one can be hoped or provoked to change for the better.

A touching article. Thanks for posting it.

Mon, 06 Feb 2012 13:35:27 UTC | #915013