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Godlessness is the last big taboo in the US

Not at all. The one big taboo that Americans just don't seem to be able to get rid of is that of extreme individualism and that laissez-faire capitalism can solve any problem on earth. The government is always bad and the word socialism (however mildly the term is used) is seen as the great evil in this world.

The irony of course is that the same Americans who despise the government more than anything don't seem to have any problem at all with handing over their lives to big corporations (or the army, which in some peculiar way is not regarded as a part of the evil government).

Yes, religious fundamentalism is a big problem in USA. But, it's nothing in comparison to the real problem. The fact that USA is an utterly corrupt country and people are generally too brain-washed to really see what's happening.

Most Americans for example despise the Occupy Wallstreet movement. Supporters are seen as commie hippies! "How dare they attack the JOB CREATORS! No, the White House is the problem!" This is so absurd. Somehow corporations can actively corrupt politicians in order to get benefits while they bring down the whole economy and get bailed out... and somehow that's just normal behaviour for corporations. The government allowed it to happen. YES, the government allowed it to happen because they've been bought by the corporations! According to polls most Americans don't blame the corporations. They blame the government... so the solution is to deregulate even more! As if that would magically somehow make things better. Yes, take away the only institution that can prevent corporations from exploting the people completely.

Yes, the US government does not represent the people anymore. But, the solution is not to minimize the government. The solution is smart regulation, which is the main objective of the Occupy Wallstreet movement. Still, these intiatives are seen as communist propaganda. Tha's how brainwashed the majorioty of the American people is... and this goes for self-proclaimed rationalists or atheists as well. Most of you are no better in this regard.

Yes, this comment is a bit off topic... but I find it relevant in that regard that this article shows how deluded even many rationalists and atheists are in America. Religion is nowadays on the radar but the main problem in USA is not... and probably won't be for a very long time! Well you get what you deserve, but please don't bring down the rest of the world as well!

Btw, that "big L" she's talking about should not be about her being a lesbian. The real taboo is to be a liberal!

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