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I have been very vocal about my atheism since my deconversion from Mormonism last summer, a wonderful and beautiful thing, but of the handful of people I have confided in regarding my disbelief (I still go to church, which is actually quite fun now from a sociological perspective btw) I have yet to meet a no shit atheist face to face, I know your out there fellow atheists and I'm still looking. At any rate I am currently taking classes at the NMSU Alamogordo campus, starting fall semester I will be taking classes at the main campus in Las Cruces (Psychology major) and there is a active atheist group up there I found through the atheist nexus. I must agree that at least right now I am becoming more and more cautious about who I will tell that I am an atheist, so far I have only found people who are tolerant but not quite fully accepting of my atheism.

Mon, 06 Feb 2012 16:47:38 UTC | #915063