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...49 per cent [of idiot Americans] would refuse to back an atheist for president[.]

This sickens me. The vast majority of these idiots probably do not even realize what bigots they are.

I live in the Buy-bull Belt, and it does suck living here and being an atheist. So far, my push-back has involved getting the "A" tattoo, a matching bumper sticker on my car, and a "Science fish" emblem on there as well. The latter is a middle finger at the idiots who have bumper stickers that say things like "REAL MEN LOVE JESUS", but the other two are mostly for other atheists who recognize the "Out Campaign" symbol, to show them they're not alone. I have no idea if anyone has actually recognized either "A" symbol. I've considered getting an "A3IST" license plate, but I wouldn't be surprised if the DMV shot it down.

I think the Christi[ns]anity is slowly being watered down, as more sane people trickle into the Buy-bull Belt areas. Of course, initiatives like the ones being led by Dawkins and Faircloth are also of immense value.

People might not like the Buddhists and Mormons but at least they feel like they’re people who believe in [similar superstitious bullshit] and that confirms their beliefs. But somebody like an atheist, it just throws their beliefs into their face.

Except that pure Buddhism is essentially atheistic, this comment nails it.

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