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Comment 8 by Perfect Tommy :

A real priest, who is supposedly celibate, should be able to walk through an orgy of people having sex without even the hint of an erection. But, that is never the case. Why? Because they wouldn't be able to.

Belief about erections is the 21st century religion? Many men could easily do this (your wouldn't)! Heterosexuals to boot. This is synonymous with the theists arrogance against atheism.

If however one were to stop, midst such an orgy, and say something like," You are the most beautiful creature I have laid eyes upon, I would sincerely like to get to know you, would you care to come to dinner with me?" hardly anyone, in that context would consider it a sincere remark - due the entropy of suggestion being taken as the religion of society. It would berate the individual first for being there then for taking notice of another human in such a context. In this respect societies everywhere function very like theism. The vicars true motive is on noones agenda. Everyone elses agenda is seeking dominance!!!

People are crazed into:

"I spotted such a response to so and so therefore unseen erections are taking place." - belief in the unseen ascension.

This is ironic morality. Lots of brainless humans display this fundamental neanderthal intellect. When someone is not smart they are often seen as worthy of society hell treatment.

Take the following:

1)Ugly/impoverished man keeps admiring attractive woman therefore is branded perverted for what mainstream men would consider an essential feature of 'straight'. Erections must therefore be on his mind every minute of the day. Evil.

2)Woman sees attractive man paying her no attention therefore is insulted due her advances seeming to lack sexual reciprocity - branding him 'bent'. Erections ought, due my attractiveness, to be on his mind every minute of the day. Failure.

3)Up the emotive 1)&2) to group and community levels and this is how we get 'isms' in society.

The deceptive intellect also utilises such aberrations for power/popularity agendas. Witchunt type opportunities for leapfrogs into representing a tribe agenda. Elect me type head up 'my own arse is beautiful' sorts.

Obviously most of us aspire to function within the norms of what everyone describes as socially digestible, which is why, no matter how sincerely you are motivated internally, your impression to others is what will prevail. Religious consciousness in society is a power to individual ratio. Individuals ignore it at their peril - hence lots of sincere types don't get very far. Pandering to the mass consciousness beats sincere reason in communities where reason is restricted.

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