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I think the key to this is to carry on putting up the billboards and doing the busses. When people realise they are not alone they will come out of the closet.

And in that action we see the hatred and bigotry and crass criminal damage forays courtesy of the jeebus droolers, even attempts to blackmail bus companies that plague the campaign everywhere.

At a subconscious level the very real danger of the closet being deserted in favour of open and visible celebration of no belief in sky fairy is flaring their righteousness nostrils. This is a reverting to basics xian tactic 101.

Do not allow the 'enemy' to coalesce and find larger groups or even other like minded individuals..keep them isolated... keep them scared...keep them quite.

I think they really fear and are well aware that their ranks are riven with folks that just might desert en-masse if they felt safe and these adverts might trigger the defections..

They are so scared of the bus and billboard campaign they are almost gibbering with rage and impotence.

The fear that the trickle becomes a flood is palpable, they tear, deface and ruin the message as much as they can but they are losing the battle overall. They are very much on a defensive and damage control mission, but it seems that the long slow spiral down into the tar pit of novelty delusion has begun in earnest, they think they are gliding through some local secular inspired difficulties, they are in fact plummeting into the tar pit of oblivion, with no plan B their utter disorientation and lack of spatial awareness is typified by their criminal desperation in the first place.

Methinks Atheism is doing something so right and reveals the ignorant childish bias of a slice of the population...and it gives some folks great hope for the future.

I think that is as good as it gets for the moment...cos moderate folks are paying some attention to the fall out. But the precedent has been set...maybe not to long in the future atheist advertisement will be as common and accepted as the lingerie adverts on the London underground were at one time. And for a while probably just as controversial.

But I fully expect the atheist attitude to prosper and one day such adverts will not be required at all....what a great day that will be?

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