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Moderator, It absolutely IS a political issue, because it is in the interest of certain kinds of politicians to have a religious constituency, as it is much easier for them to predict how to win votes. Also, people who do not like to pay taxes seek to align themselves with powerful, non-tax paying social structures: religious groups. Sean Faircloth talks about this in his analysis of Romney's religiosity. Thirty, Forty years ago, one didn't have to identify oneself as an atheist in the US... it wasn't an issue of identity!, and that is how it is different from the Gay rights movement. And Sam Harris is right about not needing to define the struggle in terms of identity. Atheists then become another voting block to appease or ignore, when the issue is really how to vote with a clear rational mind, on issues that really matter, not the emotional social issues that reliably distract people, religious or not, every voting season.

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