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Comment 24 by potteryshard :

True, but not quite what I was attempting to say. In my experience, most of the religiously-afflicted equate atheism with having no opinion, not with having a negative opinion in regard to pious poppycock. Not only do they seem to feel that we have no opinion, but also that they are free to rush in and insert their ridiculous opinions in that seeming philosophical hole.

I think you are making a good point here, potteryshard, but it probably only accounts for the fewish 'religiously-affected' who have actually thought about it at all! The rest are just following orders.

But maybe it sheds some light on the reason why atheists are described as outspoken or aggressive etc. For an atheist to actually have an opinion comes as a shock and an unwelcome surprise to the religoons. From there, their indignation turns to anger.

I'm at a bit of a loss to see how atheists can make their point and not be considerd 'extreme' or 'provacative'. Consider a sports club dinner (in Europe, say) where most of the guests are atheists. But the chairman is not and (s)he starts the meal off by saying grace. All the atheists are expected to put up and shut up and if anyone dared to stop the proceedings and walk out, they - not the one saying grace - would be held to be in the wrong. Until we manage to turn this sort of thing on its head, we will always be the ones 'causing trouble'.

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