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Comment 2 by Richard Dawkins

Once again, where are the decent, moderate Muslims? Why do they not stand up in outrage against their co-religionists? Maybe Ayaan Hirsi Ali is right and "moderate Muslim" is something close to an oxymoron.

I have a suggestion that I realise may sound a bit simplistic, but I honestly think it would have a big and very positive impact.

In order to completely disassociate themselves from the extremists, I've challenged self-proclaimed "moderate" Muslims on various forums just to attach a different label to their belief (i.e. to continue to believe in their god, etc, but just call themselves something other than "Muslims"). It could be done overnight at no cost or inconvenience whatsoever. I'm certain it would have a profound effect on isolating the extremists, who would be left with the old label. The problem at the moment is that the extremists and moderates identify themselves by the same label. It allows the extremists to use the moderates as a buffer, because every time the extremists are criticised, moderates throw a tantrum and claim that all Muslims are being wrongly persecuted. It's such an absurd situation that different groups who supposedly believe in radically different ideas label themselves with the same word and this simple factor makes it incredibly difficult to solve a very serious problem in the world.

Not a single Muslim on the forums where I've raised this suggestion has been willing to consider it. "Why should we change our name - why not the extremists?" is the usual childish response. Obviously they'd much prefer the current worldwide atrocities to continue rather than do something that requires no real effort whatsoever to help solve these major problems. Which makes me inclined to agree "moderate Muslim" is indeed an oxymoron.

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