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Comment 2 by Richard Dawkins

Once again, where are the decent, moderate Muslims? Why do they not stand up in outrage against their co-religionists? Maybe Ayaan Hirsi Ali is right and "moderate Muslim" is something close to an oxymoron.

It's wrong to say there aren't moderate Muslims. There is one who posts here, Richard, his name is Tanweer, and if you look over his posting history you can see what a major problem for such groups and such people is. Moderate groups who aim for visibility can and do get threatened.

comment 253 by Tanweer

As a Muslim, therefore, I renounce any sort of punishment for apostasy and I will work with my community to try and raise the profile of this renunciation as best as I can.

comment 36 by Tanweer

First of all, as an Ahmadi Muslim, may I take this opportunity to openly and wholeheartedly condemn this utterly hideous and unacceptable act. The only good thing is that no one else apart from the perpetrator was harmed. I sincerely hope and pray nothing else like this occurs in Sweden, or indeed anywhere else for that matter. What Vilks did (cartoon) may upset Muslims like myself, but it can in absolutely no way justify violence of any kind. The people who carry out violent acts are responsible for their acts. The cartoonist is responsible only for the cartoon. However bad the cartoon might be, trying to blow people up is infinitely worse.

It's damaging to the good work and, indeed, bravery of such people to suggest they don't exist. We should work to make things easier for such moderates, even as we ferociously debate with them about their faith, and stand with them when they are under threat, not condemn them for cowardice.

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