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Not all religions preach violence, but all religions preach a respect for faith. Faith is belief without evidence. When you believe things without evidence there is no way to check the validity of what you believe, and if believing without evidence is respected then there is no way to condemn those who do morally repugnant things in the name of their faith. Faith provides no mechanism for moral decision-making, for self-examination, for discerning what is true. That is why it is dangerous.

Seriously, what kind of generic BS is that? Believing in something, even without evidence, and hurting others that don't believe in it, are completely orthogonal matters. I could have a belief system that proclaims:

a)We believe in the invisible teapot orbiting the earth. b)Regardless, we are to respect and not hurt in any manner those that don't share the same belief.

It's as if you say that, if we believe in something based on evidence, oh then it's ok to act violently against those that don't endorse the same views, because it's the lack of evidence that's the problem, and we have those. Uh, no it's not. Evidence or not, we could all agree that one can have whatever beliefs/fantasies they desire, without hurting others that don't have the same beliefs/fantasies. I'm not very familiar with other religions, but this respect could even be based on the Christian religion itself, as one of the teachings of Jesus is 'pass no judgement', and one of the core beliefs is that God has a plan for everyone; hurting someone because he is faithless now could be very well interfering with what God has in store for this person, who could choose to come to the faith on his own at a later point. A violent act against this person would just ruin that path.

Anyway, I read about this incident in the newspaper today and it's sickening. That's one of the reasons I finally decided to part ways with faith and religion. I wish we could live in a world where faith was a truly personal matter, that is silent praying in the solitude of my bedroom if one desires, but it is not. But in the imperfect world we live in, it's sad that we have to choose 'sides'. I still find many atheists extremely irritating, and in some cases dowright stupid(like the fellow here who called religious people 'dangerous beasts'), but at least they don't go around threatening people of different belief systems and blowing up buldings. At least not yet, anyway.

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