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Swedish atheism comes not from rational thinking, but from a sound welfare system. When you have no need for a supernatural safety to hold your hand through life, the silliness in religion becomes crystal clear. You don't need to be a mathematician to know 4+4 is not 9, much like you don't need to think rationally to see the ludicrousness in religion. All you need is genuine safety. None of my friends knew the word 'atheism', they only knew they didn't believe in gods. They are not aware of any arguments for or against deities; they simply do not care, and what is left is non belief in deities. Some take comfort in that. I don't because it leaves them open to everything else in pseudoscience.

My friend is dead sure he got an apartment simply because he was thinking positively, yet he would laugh at someone who claims to have spoken with god. My gf believed in ghosts, but would laugh if someone claimed to have spoken with god. Skeptical reasoning is the ultimate shield against pseudoscience. It should be on the curriculum, as I couldn't imagine a more useful tool in adulthood.

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