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I ran into a fellow like that a few weeks ago in a gas station. He came in and started preaching--no other word for it, I suppose. He was telling anybody who would listen about how "knowing Jesus" would save them from hell. The cashiers both looked queasy. The other people in line looked annoyed.

He looked ready to unleash another volley of scripture, so I interrupted him thus: "I heard when you get to hell, the Devil gives you a Ferrari and a guitar. What's Jesus give you? A dress and a silly harp?"

This guy looked shocked.

"Son... son, hell ain't nothin' to fool around with. The Lord ain't nothin' to laugh at. actin' like that, you gonna get sent to hell."

"Good, because the Devil likes all the things I like. Drinking, sinning, boozing, whoring..."

He ignored me and went back to his sermon, but this time, he said it outside the station. I'm pretty sure he was ousted for panhandling eventually.

The only way to counter this kind of nonsense is with irreverence. There's no difference between taunting Trekkies and taunting fundies.

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