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"...the guilty officers of the union were a clique from the Socialist Workers Party. Well, what a surprise!"

Yes, they're bastards those Trotskyists. They'll jump on any bandwagon, no matter who's driving or what direction it's going in.

Though the worst crowd of all are the ex-Trotskyists. They tend to go from being mouthy left-wing loons to being (or, more usually, supporting) murderous right-wing loons. One of them is well thought off around here.

I liked this 'free expression day' idea. It was hilarious to contemplate the actions and activities of some of those present.

Incidentally, the police are obviously nowhere near as negligent as you are making out. Only this week a group of muslims were jailed for handing out anti-homosexual flyers.

Sat, 11 Feb 2012 20:05:27 UTC | #916720