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Excellent stuff......but there's a logical conundrum about half way through. I'm not the first to have noticed this fact Prof Paul Davies and others raised it some time ago,,,,

Richard Dawkins concedes that there might exist highly advanced alien beings, so far advanced that we'd fall on our knees, etc. Amazingly advanced, but as Dawkins correctly argues....not God, and themselves the product of evolution.

However, if the substrata of the multiverse is infinitely old ( and that is the prevailing theory...eternal inflation ) then there's been an infinite which every conceivable permutation of events, no matter how improbable, will already have occured. Which then raises the question.....just how advanced does our amazingly advanced alien have to be ? Over an infinite period of time, the fact that the most advanced beings themselves evolved would become indistinguishable.

The problem is, as Davies has pointed out, that an infinite multiverse may on the one hand resolve anthropic issues by making us nothing special.........but that is at the price of vastly extending the range of possibilities to a level where God gets back in via the back door !

That is one reason why I reject the multverse.

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