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The problem is, as Davies has pointed out, that an infinite multiverse may on the one hand resolve anthropic issues by making us nothing special.........but that is at the price of vastly extending the range of possibilities to a level where God gets back in via the back door !

We have discussed this before. It doesn't. Exactly the same probabilistic arguments apply to the existence of god-like beings in a multiverse as in a single universe, because we the question we are dealing with is our experience of God in THIS universe. If the probability of God's existence is 1 in a zillion then God is just as improbable in THIS universe, whether or not there are parallel alternatives.

The multiverse also doesn't deal with God in the way God is thought of by almost everyone - a creator with moral force. No matter what turns up in parallel realities, this has nothing to do with the question of how it all got started, and where objective morality comes from, if one considers those sensible questions.

If anything, a multiverse makes a God less likely, because it means that 'creation' was not a special event, and it means that there is no longer an issue of fine tuning, at least according to some thinkers.

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