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                 Well, I can't remember what we discussed in Stanford, but why would you expect it to be diferent? Maybe there has been no good reason to change our minds. If politicians change their minds they are accused of flip-flopping (which I've always thought rather silly, by the way, because it is good to change your mind if new evidence warrants it).Richard> [Comment 6](/videos/644930-krauss-and-dawkins-discuss-something-from-nothing/comments?page=1#comment_917053) by   [nurnord](/profiles/174513) :> >   Ok, I have watched it now. I have to say, a bit disappointed. It was mostly a mix of the material first discussed by RD & LK at Stanford and LK  during 'A Universe From Nothing' lecture. Nonetheless a stimulating foray...> 

Richard, first may I say I feel a little humbled simply by having a reply from you, I have great respect for all your endeavours over the years and I thank you for enabling me to revel in that experience.

Ok, back to this little exchange - I might expect it to be different as there is an ocean of potential and pressing topics to be discussed within our sphere (our sphere meaning atheism, religion, politics, science etc.) of interest (read - concern ?). I don't think it is beyond reason to anticipate a discussion of these things, but not the very same material when the scope is so much wider. I guess that amounts to criticism, not my aim by any measure, I beg of you...

May I ask you something else ? There is an ad here on the site for the Global Atheist Convention that carries the message "The Sunday Age...are featuring the story that the ‘Four Horsemen’, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens will be appearing together for the first time in public at the 2012 Global Atheist Convention" - Was this ad prepared before Hitch was too unwell to do public engagments and then simply uploaded as is, or does it in fact refer to some kind of reflection on his work or such other thing that is going to be showcased ?

P.S. tell the Archbishop of Canterbury to get those eyebrows trimmed...

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