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No you're missing the point. In terms of Davies argument, the 'advanced being' has moved beyond universes and exists at the level of the substrata of the multiverse iteself. What Michio Kaku would refer to as a 'level 4' civilisation. 'Q' in Star Trek is a hypothetical level 4 being.

I had suspected that this was the argument. In that case, the multiverse is an even better rejection of Gods, because if our experience of our universe samples the probability that a God-like being turns up anywhere, and we still don't see such a being, then we have shown that multiverse-striding God-like beings really don't exist anywhere. We are also left with a Fermi Paradox that spans the multiverse.

Also, this is irrelevant to the matter of a source-of-morality heaven-providing creator.

But here we run into a problem. Our universe may have had a beginning, but most cosmologists ( including Krauss, from what I can recall ) support the theory of 'eternal inflation'......that the substrata of the multiverse has always existed. So there was no 'creation'......just a local patch of expansion.

That's kind of what I was saying.

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