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Comment 18 by Steve Zara

I had suspected that this was the argument. In that case, the multiverse is an even better rejection of Gods, because if our experience of our universe samples the probability that a God-like being turns up anywhere, and we still don't see such a being, then we have shown that multiverse-striding God-like beings really don't exist anywhere. We are also left with a Fermi Paradox that spans the multiverse.

But that's precisely why I reject the multiverse. In fact, it is also why most scientists reject Lee Smolin's 'Fecund universe' theory........the notion that somehow ( in some approximation to biological evolution ) universes 'propagate' via black holes. If Smolin's theory were true it has it's own Fermi one would expect more black holes to exist than actually do.

And when one considers that Smolin's theory is pretty much the base level for self-replicating anything at the level of the multiverse....let alone would ( as Smolin argues ) expect it to be true if that eternal substrata were ( as Prof Brian Cox argues ) going through every possible permutation.

My whole point is that one can turn the possibilities that one would expect from a multiverse back on their head....just as with Fermi.....and argue that their non-existence proves the multiverse does not exist.

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