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Sex is life and virginity extinction. Religion has had its day!

Those who prize virginity are those who want to be in charge of its destruction. Virginity is the attribute that provides proof to the feeble minded that the woman only carries their genes.

Virginity in and of itself really is not the issue. I once heard that virgin meant "owned by no man." The problem stems from men trying to control sex and control women. I think females have always been the ones to choose a mate. She has the power to reject his advances. Think about some of the drama and courtship rituals many males of a species have tried to attract a female. How belittling this must be for some men when they are rejected. By controlling the power women have to choose, they control reproduction. To me this seems as if the human male has found a way to "trick" women into mating by making her giving up her power to reject. It seems to me that this allows some "lesser" males to pass on their genes.

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