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Comment 36 by ColdThinker :

Thanks Steven. What I was wondering had clearly nothing to do with Kashgari's case. The fact that it was a stopover makes the story even more tragic. Seems the malaysian officials really went out of their way to assist the barbaric Saudi clerics.

All the more reason for me to wonder why he didn't try to go through a more liberal state first. If you are going to NZ from the ME or Europe, there aren't many choices for a stopover since the birds need fuel (and you often stop in KUL, SIN, etc) but could he not have ran for the UK or other european state? Or was he so desperate to get out of SA that he got the first east-bound (Kiwi-bound) plane he could get?

Mon, 13 Feb 2012 20:53:09 UTC | #917309