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There should be no practices/rituals based on superstion, and tradition is not a valid excuse for its inclusion.

Yes it is....Society is nothing but tradition, we are an historical process, we are the result of our past...reform for a reason not for the sake of it. Society is not teleologically obliged to become neutral or universal (even if such a nonsense were possible).

People are still free to go to a Christian church if they wish, and practice their faith in complete freedom within their own home.

Everyone should be free within their private sphere....but this is about who controls the public sphere....and let tradition dominate the public sphere because it's tradition that brought us to where we are now....only if tradition inhibits freedon should it be reformed. Bolsheviks should go and build their Utopia elsewhere.

Mon, 13 Feb 2012 21:08:33 UTC | #917316