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Only half (54%) of the self-identifying Christians describe their view of God in Christian terms, with the others using the term in the sense of the laws of nature (13%), some form of supernatural intelligence (10%), or whatever caused the universe (9%). Six per cent do not believe in God at all.

Just a third (32%) believe Jesus was physically resurrected, with one in five (18%) not believing in the resurrection even in a spiritual sense; half (49%) do not think of Jesus as the Son of God, with one in twenty-five (4%) doubting he existed at all.

49% of the 54% self-identifying Christians [in the UK] do not think of Jesus as the Son of God? That certainly doesn't qualify them as Christians in my book, and surely even the Archbishop of Canterbury wouldn't clasp such believers to the bosom of the C of E? (But how long before Karen Armstrong says, "See, I told you it's not about belief"?)

This is a helpful antidote to the "overwhelmingly Christian Britain" canard.

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