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The survey is interesting in that it shows Christians don't really have any firm values at all. Although almost all claim to be secular, large minorities still retain attitudes that are based on equalities. They seem to reflect mainstream culture, rather than actually having any firm moral or political convictions from their religion.

Where do these incoherent and contradictory inequalities come from? While Christianity does not establish any coherent values, it does establish prejudices, and that is why it acts as a kind of anti-morality system that actually interfere with coherent liberal or secular values.

Atheists aren't immune to prejudices and inequalities, but secular cultures are based in a coherent political philosophy, or at least they are supposed to be, and so the general direction is toward better societies. But only If it were not for the general human instinct to follow authority, which is why so many weird atheists want religion and its inequalities and privileges to continue.

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