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I was going to leave this site alone for a while to write, but this is not just very big news, but irresistible fun. It was quite a risk taking this poll, but it's hit pay dirt. Those who believe in belief now see there is not that much belief left for them to believe in, even amongst believers, and furthermore, believers generally want to be left alone and not have the state anywhere near their religion.

One of the most interesting results of these surveys is that it shows that both politicians and clergy who have been protesting about encroaching secularism are quite astonishingly out of touch with the country. Which is odd, as one might have thought that someone in the position of an Archbishop might have gone to the trouble to find out what believers believe.

Keeping the state out of religion is shown to be a major vote-winner.

Congratulations and well done to Richard and everyone involved at RDFRS - this is a major achievement, something that has a chance of changing politics in the UK.

Tue, 14 Feb 2012 01:38:09 UTC | #917455