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Comment 16 by Bernard Hurley

I can't say I find any of this surprising.

Me neither. I'm just very pleased that RDFRS decided to get evidence about it.

However the real problem is still the number of people who identify as Christian because they think of it as "being a good person." This essentially turns the clergy into "goodness experts." I have been convinced for decades that it is this not belief in dogmas that gives the Christian religion a psychological hold over people.

Now that does raise more interesting issues. I read a recent survey that shows that the majority of Catholics in the UK disagree with the teachings of that church on matters such as contraception, gay marriage, abortion and so on.

So, it seems likely that a majority of Christians don't rely on the clergy, or at least official church teaching, as the source of their moral views. There are some admirable clergy who similarly reject the official teachings as well.

So, it becomes increasingly mysterious as to why so many people identify as Christian. Perhaps it's nothing more than habit.

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