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Contrary to many here, I actually do find it slightly surprising.

I'm actually starting to warm to British christians a little more because of this. They're not nearly the pinch-faced conservative killjoys their vociferous public representatives make them out to be. I don't actually know any christians myself, so I was kind of under the impression that those outspoken extremists like Stephen Green and Lilian Ladele were closer to the norm than turns out to be the case. My appreciation of the underlying strength of human decency has been restored a little.

Well, most of them aren't that bad. I'm still a little shocked to find that only 61% support equal rights for gay people. 61% of 70% is 42% of the UK population, so even if all the non-christians are in favour (and the chances of the 5% who are muslim being in favour seem slim) that's still only 72%. It's a majority, but that means slightly more than one in four people is opposed to gay equality. I was rather hoping we were doing better than that.

Tue, 14 Feb 2012 03:18:34 UTC | #917489