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Cartomancer: I'm actually starting to warm to British christians a little more because of this. They're not nearly the pinch-faced conservative killjoys their vociferous public representatives make them out to be.

I think this is a very important point. The highly vocal Christian lobbyists who keep screaming 'Persecution!' every time they are required to follow the same law as everyone else have given Christians a bad image. They have made them seem mean-spirited and self-righteous and petty and bigoted. If I were still a Christian, I would resent their antics bitterly, and feel they were bringing my faith into disrepute. But it's the same old issue we keep encountering in one guise or another, isn't it: the moderates in any religion don't speak up enough.

I'm still a little shocked to find that only 61% support equal rights for gay people. 61% of 70% is 42% of the UK population, so even if all the non-christians are in favour (and the chances of the 5% who are muslim being in favour seem slim) that's still only 72%.

You're using the wrong figure there for the total % of UK Christians, Vincent: 70% (or thereabouts) was the 2001 figure. It's now down to about 54%, according to this research. And of course, you can't assume that all non-Christians will be in favour of full equality for gay people. Still, I think this is encouraging. The most vocal opposition to the extension of full rights is coming from the Christian lobbyists. Now we can show that the majority of Christians support equal rights, that makes their case very much weaker.

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