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Comment 24 by Slippy :

In a census survey of the UK, were 50 odd% of the population identify as xtian, how relevant are the results of this survey when performed on 1136 people? Is this an avenue for the results to be marginalised?

Cheers Chris

It will not be long before an Xtian deliberately claims that only 1136 people were asked and that does not represent a correct view, however, statisticians have to work with a confidence level which shows the resuts cannot have occurred by mere chance and that they are representative of a potentially larger population.

This survey is great news and a powerful weapon to wave in the faces of those who claim we are a christian nation. We aren't and clearly haven't been for some time, however I can see xtians now renewing the old arguement that some 'moral turpitude' like rioting and teen pregnancies &c is a direct result of ungodliness.

Tue, 14 Feb 2012 07:49:03 UTC | #917532