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This survey brings out an even finer sense of the ways theism clutches at consciousness to me.

It's more like a politician trying to appeal to various members of the public then say they have hardliners.

"Here we guaranteed more jobs for the unemployed. There we guaranteed more relevant education for a future Britain. Everywhere we sought widespread provision of health care and policing...."

Religion is searching for any old reason to boost up its ballot papers that it then presents as if gold standard people currency. In order for its powers to gain leverage in the stock market it repeatedly prints paper people as evidence of secured bonds!

A cunning clutching at the strings of yesteryear, which likely it was doing then also to formulate a charade beyond the awareness of the masses being deluded by the few. What's new?

In this respect you can see why religion fears education rather than advocates it. Drip feed it best to avoid critical mass dog-ma being left behind.

I think religion sees itself as The Enormous Tit, that forever deserves implant surgery, and eternally reminds us of its needs at the expense of us getting a life.

Tue, 14 Feb 2012 09:51:47 UTC | #917581