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It was amazing that Richard's 'opponent' claimed that it's simply enough to call yourself a xtian irrespective of whether you go to church or read the bible. What nonsense! This is the kind of postmodernism/cultural relativism that really pisses me off. If a person came up to you and claimed they were a tennis player but had rarely, if ever, used a tennis racket to hit a tennis ball over a net towards another player then you'd be entirely justified in calling them a liar and telling them that they simply aren't a tennis player, but for some reason, because it's religion, you have to accept their lies and hypocrisy. This bullshit really gets my goat.

On Richard's slight hesitance in coming up with the full title of On the Origin of Species, it's irrelevant because nobody, including Richard, claims that book as a religious text and as a source of morality to live their lives by. If Richard had proclaimed Darwin to be a religious prophet of some kind and was attempting to live his whole life according to his teachings then it would have been relevant. As it stands it wasn't and was simply a red herring thrown into the ring to deflect attention from the important stuff which is the lack of xtianity in xtians.

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