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I am getting weary of the constant bleatings of people like warsi and the bish. As citizens we are being abused by these privileged and unelected buffoons who are are surely sufering mental illnesses. An election will solve little I fear. Thanks to RD the real picture is not quite so bleak as they would have us believe, hence the latest stunt in Rome. I still have family that are tainted by Ratty's mob and though they are adult by definition they cannot grow up and discuss the things we do because they have never been exposed to proper challenges, they have done no science and are fed filtered news by various media they feel is aligned with their beliefs.

Our youth must be the answer if we could get to them properly. We need a concerted effort to attack the schooling and indoctrination and don't forget that the schooling of a certain other religion is even worse.

I need to get away from this environment now it is too depressing, I am going for a walk....

Wed, 15 Feb 2012 09:39:37 UTC | #917953