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The Denver Atheists and Free Thinkers group commemorated the day by going to the Denver museum to visit a new display of lizards and snakes (billed by D.A.F.T. [yes I find that acronym ironic; the daft ones are the ones who were in church that morning] as "some of our distant relatives"). 320 million years distant! I got to the museum a bit early and happened across two old-school taxidermized-in-a-diorama displays relating to the Galapagos Islands (including one highlighting the finches and Darwin), so I made a point of rounding up a bunch of folks and walking over there at the end of the day, to see those exhibits as a specific homage.

Though if one thinks about it, the entire museum (less the mineral displays, and maybe the human cultural areas, though we are a result of evolution so one could stretch a point) is an homage to Darwin.

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