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Once again, another Christian apologists (Bishop Michael Nazir Ali) gets away with blue murder by rewriting history and claiming we live in a Judae-Christian culture with Judae-Christian values, this is complete fiction and delusion.

Our liberal values come from the Enlightenment movement. Of course many of its writers were self-described Christians, but it was not Christianity that got rid of slavery, but liberalism. Christianity ignored slavery for over a thousand years, so too did Islam.

We need to seriously counter this rhetoric that apologists are using, because Richard's survey destroys any legitimate claim in majority belief (a highly dubious justification to begin with) and so let's not let them get away with re-writing history.

We ought to be proud of the enlightenment, liberalism and reason, those are our values, not Christian values, let's reclaim them.

Thu, 16 Feb 2012 00:13:13 UTC | #918281