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The Bishop's rant about the Magna Carta, the abolition of slavery, etc being the result of Christian values is just utter nonsense.

I have just come across this article in the Independent:

A brief quote: What is staggering about the secularists is their arrogance and the shortness of their memories. The materialist utopianism of the Communists and Nazis is to blame for all the worst atrocities of the past century. Dawkins may appear to make sense, but it is incredible that we should be ready to pay serious attention to a prophet whose message is the same as those whose schemes led straight to the hells of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Mao's Cultural Revolution and the Khmer Rouge.

That's just a sample of a long rant. It's blatant lies and ignorance. On and on and on.

One of the things I love about this site and about science is the intentional seeking out of the counter-argument. The falsifying of the hypothesis. The ability to see where the flaws in your thinking might be.

It's become more and more clear to me that theists use the same failed arguments over and over because they live in an echo chamber. Some by accident, some by intention, some by pure privilege. But the arguments have grown so tired. They have no weight. They survive only by repetition. They are not equipped to withstand the crucible of reason.

The other thing is that they don't have to. Not in the short term. Arguments don't have to be sound in order to win the hearts and minds of humans. They only need to be repeated.

It takes an awful lot of reason over a very long period of time to change the world.

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