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[Comment 12] I believe that the rediscovery of the classical Greek and Roman world during the Renaissance followed by the Enlightenment gave birth to the society of today.

It's a good job the world of classical Greece and Rome wasn't translated exactly though isn't it?

The modern world is not an automatic product of Christianity....but it did grow from Christian soil. Nor did it grow in opposition to Christianity...the established Church perhaps, but this is true of all vested interests, but not the faith itself. The Enlightenment was preceeded by the Reformation and the Reformation was a product of Christian people inspired by personal devotion to their faith.

[Comment 7] Our liberal values come from the Enlightenment movement. Of course many of its writers were self-described Christians, but it was not Christianity that got rid of slavery, but liberalism. Christianity ignored slavery for over a thousand years, so too did Islam.

There's something almost ridiculous about this comment although I can't quite put my finger on it. If I were to say "Europeans ignored slavery for over four thousand years"...this would be would the statement "Abolitionists abolished slavery". The idea that liberalism abolished slavery is almost true by the degree that it's virtually a pointless saying that the winner wins the race.

The current anti-religion -so-called secular- movement has more in common with the dark side of the enlightenment than the light side. Heirs to Robespierre rather than Jefferson.

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