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No, they are not being punished or singled out. They are being asked to adhere to the same laws that everyone else has to. That silly law is - if you are providing a public service, you are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, religion.

Or put another way, society has deemed it a rational law to require providers of public services to not discriminate of the basis of race, religion, etc.

Oh well!! Forgive me....of course it does....but then that's how totalitarianism operates doesn't it....abolish the distinction between public and private. Since when has a private bed and breakfast been a 'public service'? What is the difference between private business or contract between citizens (specifically a non-limited livelihood in a persons home) and a 'public service'? Economic transactions themselves are not automatically defined as 'public services' least not in a free society they aren't.

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