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You may think that society would be better off if a proprietor of a gas station or eatery was allowed to tell a black person, or a Jew, or a homosexual to fuck off and try their luck with the next place 3 hours down the road, but most people don't.

No actually I don't either for the gas (petrol) station but then people don't usually store gasoline in their living room (limited companies and monopoly utilites requiring license should follow civic codes) for the eatery....if it was in someones kitchen then yes I do....why? because I think that protection from the state to tell you what you can do with your own private home (include earn a living from of the most fundamental freedoms) trumps someones right not to be inconvenienced because someone doesn't want them in their house.

I know, more totalitarian bullshit.

Yes it is....but's for the wears a rainbow flag....what could possibly go wrong?!!

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