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Comment 16 by Martin_C :

I just don't get it! If you don't believe that Jesus CHRIST was literally the son of god, then you are not a CHRISTian! Is it not that simple? I don't see why you should be able to call yourself a christian otherwise. I

Yes, you would think that there was some minimum standard of qualification. I mean:

"Asked why they had been recorded as Christian in the 2011 Census, only three in ten (31%) said it was because they genuinely try to follow the Christian religion, with four in ten (41%) saying it was because they try to be a good person and associate that with Christianity."[my emphasis]

I always knew that the average member of the public was pretty intellectually lazy, but this worries me. Lots of folk on this site are saying that the survey pulls the rug out from under the oft-repeated claim that 70+% of the population is Christian. However, while Paula and Prof. Dawkins are busy emphasizing that we atheists aren't trying to tell anyone that they're 'not proper Christians'. We have - potentially - a situation where it will be claimed that anyone who 'tries to be a good person' counts as Christian!

There's already far too much vague blather about ill-defined 'Christian values'. I foresee the theists trying to flip the old argument that 'you can't have morals without religion' into 'if you have morals you must be religious'. And not just religious but Christian!

They'll be patting us on the head and saying: "There there you silly atheist. You kid yourself you don't believe in god, but growing up and living in our Christian country, with it's Christian traditions and Christian values has made you one of us all the same. You don't go about being immoral and horrible do you? Well then, you're a Christian, even if you don't think you are!"

It'll be like The Stepford Wives!

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